Kimbap – 김밥

Growing up, my mother would always make kimbap for road trips and picnics. Kimbap is ideal because it’s a meal in one bite that you can pop in your mouth. Colorful, easy-to-eat, and nutritious, kimbap is Korean sushi (most like a Futomaki roll) with vegetables, meat (if you choose), and rice wrapped in seaweed. This popular dish is a another great way to get people who might not normally be excited to eat vegetables to eat them.

김 = seaweed
밥 = cooked rice

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Ingredient: Pickled Daikon Radish – Damuji – 단무지

Danmuji (단무지) or takuan is pickled daikon radish. This is a key ingredient in kimbap (김밥). The tang of the vinegar gives it a bite and crunchy texture that is a important element to the dish. This can also be eaten as a side dish, especially with jajangmyeon (짜장면), Korean Chinese-style noodles with black bean sauce.

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Ingredient: Roasted Seaweed – Kim – 김

Seaweed can be purchased in different types and styles. This post focuses on dried seaweed sold in sheets – kim (김) or nori. Roasted seaweed sheets is one of the key ingredients in kimbap (김밥) that holds all the ingredients together. It can also be cut into thin strips and used as a garnish. Seasoned roasted seaweed is eaten with a meal or a snack.

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Quick Knit: Shrimp, anyone?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right pink colored yarn, otherwise this would have made the perfect shrimp cocktail. Instead, I used some scrap grey yarn to make some raw shrimp with the tail on.

Yes, my obsession with food is not just limited to cooking and eating. There is a small pleasure in knitting food and making food out of felt. This was made for the Ami Along Ravelry Group, March 2012 Knit-a-long. The end of the month is quickly approaching and it was a quick little stashbusting knit.

Choosing a French Oven: Le Creuset vs. Staub

A dutch oven or in this case a French oven, as they are both made in France, is a kitchen basic. It also happens to be something I have yet to own. In making soup and stews, my standard pots sufficed so I held off, but after seeing some photos of beautiful no knead breads baked in one – the time has come.

Le Creuset or Staub?

Which size?
Which shape – round or oval?
Which color?

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Am I a Supertaster? Are you?

I came across this not-so-scientific test on determining whether or not you are a supertester.

There are several indicators that made it a possibility. . .
+ Fit into the demographics for a higher instances
+ Find lots of food way too sweet (but I think its because lots of foods in the States are too sweet. For example, lots of ethnic food adapted to American tastes become much sweeter.)
+ Cannot stand the taste of saacharin. Not sure that it tastes bitter. I just remember it having a strange artificial chemical taste.
+ Love salt!
+ Don’t drink coffee (also because of the caffeine).
+ When I ate meat, I really hated meat fat.

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