Found: Fresh Yeast

Finding fresh yeast in the States in not so easy as in Germany (in any supermarket), so I was quite excited when I stumbled upon fresh yeast at the Shaw’s in Porter Square (in the Boston area).

I got a couple to use in some bread baking without realizing how expensive it was until I got to the register. The cashier commented on how expensive they were and when checked the receipt, each cube costs a little over $2! While in Germany this past December, the cost for the same fresh yeast was only around €.20. Another significant difference is in the amount of yeast in each package sold. The one from Germany is 42 grams while the one in the States is a measly 17 grams. Sad.

We’ll see if the difference in flavor is worth the extra cost. If you’re looking for fresh yeast, better grab them quickly because who knows how whether they plan keeping it in stock.

Sighted and available at:
Shaw’s in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA
In the refrigerated section near the butter, middle of the top shelf.


One thought on “Found: Fresh Yeast

  1. I, too, discovered the yeast in that Shaws; but it seems they’ve now stopped selling it again – I have no idea where else to get my live yeast for baking in Cambridge/Boston 😦

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