USB Wall Power Outlet

It was well worth the wait.

Last month, my DH finally installed a special outlet that he ordered online – the U-Socket, a two standard power outlets with two USB ports. It takes the same amount of space and looks the same as a standard wall outlet with the exception of the two USB ports along the left side.

Now we can charge our mobile devices directly into the wall outlet with a simple USB cable. It’s not a must-have for everyone, but in our household we use it daily and find it extremely convenient, especially when we have out of town guests. For example, during a recent long weekend, we had 5 1/2* people stay with us and there were 7 mobile phones.

Can you spot the Android?

The U-Socket comes in two styles and three colors: white, ivory and almond. For some reason there was a major delay in receiving this outlet which was originally supposed to take two weeks, but instead took double the time. Hopefully this issue has been resolved, although recently Amazon started carrying them as well.

* The 1/2 person is a baby. Although he is a full person, he takes up less space than 1/2 a person. . .when he’s sleeping that is. ; P


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