Want: Salt Cellar

Our peppermill broke recently so I started looking for a replacement. Unable to find what I wanted – something in stainless steel without any clear acrylic (which ends up looking messy) and without the traditional salt/pepper shaker shape – was a little frustrating. Instead, I decided to look at salt cellars. Years ago, I had decided that I didn’t need or want a salt shaker and would rather have a nice salt cellar which could also be used for table service. Currently, I either use salt directly from the container or put it in a small bowl or ramekin and take pinches while cooking or measured spoons while baking.

On Etsy, I quickly discovered, Culinarium, beautifully handcrafted housewares, mainly out of concrete with simple, clean designs.

Such a commonplace material as concrete can be transformed and elevated into something surprisingly seductive when it’s done well and finished properly – an elegant interplay between rich coloring and smooth texture. These salt cellars are clean, sleek, and modern, yet utilitarian.

Well, my hunt for a pepper shaker will have to continue, but I think that my hunt for a salt cellar ended where it started.


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