The Healthiest Cake

I was on the hunt for the healthiest cake to make for the birthday of a friend. An erstwhile ballet dancer and occasional personal trainer, she lives a particularly healthy lifestyle so I wanted to make her a cake she could fully enjoy.

Many cakes make healthier substitutions for some ingredients (i.e. beets in red velvet cake), but the basic base ingredients of flour, sugar, butter remain consistent. I even found recipes that replaced flour with beans, but then substituted the sugar for artificial sweeteners – ugh, no thank you – and it still used butter.

By it’s nature, cake is just not a healthy dish. Yes, it can be made healthier. . .but with what sacrifices? The healthiest cake is one you can’t eat.

Therefore, I designed her this mini birthday cake with a candle that can’t be blown out. Personally, I’d rather have cake in its complete glory of flour, butter and sugar and then deal the consequences. . .exercise or get fat.