Birthday Cake Candle – A Knitting Pattern

I’m finally getting around to publishing this pattern which has been languishing in my draft box since the end of April. This candle was used to top this healthiest birthday cake.

This candle is the perfect topper for any fiber cake. This pattern is knit in the round with a slight swirl texture detail which wraps around the candle.

DK or sport weight yarn
US 3 or 3.25 mm double pointed needles
Gauge: not relevant, use needles 2-3 sizes smaller than the recommended size to ensure that the stuffing doesn’t show through.

CO 6 sts. Split stitches onto two needles and knit in the round.
Round 1: *p1, k2* repeat 2 times
Round 2: *k1, p1, k1* repeat 2 times
Round 3: *k2, p1* repeat 2 times
Repeat Rounds 1-3 until desired height achieved.
Purl one round.
*k2tog* repeat 3 times.
Cut yarn and pull through remaining three loops.

CO 3 sts.
Kfb of each stitch.
Begin knitting in the round. Knit 2 rounds.
Round 3: k4, k2tog
Round 4: k3, k2tog
Round 5: k2, k2tog
Cut yarn, pull through remaining three loops and down through the bottom center of the flame. Position and sew onto the top of the candle.

Voila! A candle that never burns or blows out.

UPDATED: CORRECTION – The candle rounds only repeat 2 times, not 3.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Candle – A Knitting Pattern

  1. Should we cast on 6 stitches or 9 stitches for the candle body? The main pattern asks for 3 repeats of 3 stitches (e.g. *p1, k2* repeat 3 times) which makes 9 stitches in total.

    • CO 6 sts. I’ve updated the pattern with the correction to repeat the rounds for the candle only 2 times. Thanks for catching the error!

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