DIY Sewing Bobbin Clips / Bands

I took this quick simple solution from Schlosser Designs to keep those unruly thread ends on bobbins in place.

It only takes a few minutes and costs less than a dollar.
You need:

  • clear tubing
  • X-acto knife (or scissors)


I used 1/2″ OD (outer diameter) x 3/8″ ID (inner diameter) clear tubing which I bought from the local hardware store. Using an X-acto blade, I cut *5/16″ wide rings of tubing and then sliced through the tubing ring. (*You can adjust for your bobbin by measuring the width between spool ends.)



The clear tubing ring can then be slipped over the bobbin and voilá – unruly thread ends tamed!


As a bonus, one can label the bobbin with its corresponding thread color number to eliminate any confusion and make it easy to match the spool of thread with the right bobbin.



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