Activity Book, Page 1: Camping Fun

This is the first page of an activity book that I’ve been planning and designing for my nephew. The components for this page was done weeks ago, but I only finally finished putting them all together and securing them onto the page. It is the first page that I’ve completed for the activity book.
Activity Book: Camping Fun

My brother loves camping and was looking forward to bringing my nephew camping even before he was born.

Can you spot the big dipper in the sky?
Activity Book: Camping Fun, detail - stars

Reveal the animals hidden in the dark:
Activity Book: Camping Fun, detail - racoon

Activity Book: Camping Fun, detail - owl

Inside the tent is Rilakkuma, the representation of my brother and his family. Rilakkuma sleeps loudly and contently as does Kiiroitori. However, Korilakkuma is wide awake due Rilakkuma’s loud snores.
Rilakkuma = brother
Korilakkuma = sister-in-law
Kiiroitori = nephew

Activity Book: Camping Fun, detail - inside tent

Felt, glue, sewing and embroidery thread, wobble eyes (10mm and 5mm), zipper, clear vinyl, wire

Number of cut pieces: 72
Colors used: (19) royal blue, yellow, kelly green, red, orange, grey 1, grey 2, grey 3, brown 1, brown 2, brown 3, brown 4, brown 5, peacock, bright blue, bright green, black, gold, light pink

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the color of the felt that I wanted to use for the inside of the tent and only had a small piece of it left.)


The inspiration for the embroidered tree

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