Goodie Goodie: Adjustable Edge Stitch Foot

Whoo hoo!
Today I stopped by our local friendly neighborhood sewing supply shop located right in the heart of Davis Square (Somerville, MA – Boston area). I’ve walked by there so many times, but I still don’t know it’s name and had to look it up in order to include it here.
Um, very straight forward and to the point: Sewing and Vacuum Center on 280 Elm.

While preparing to dive into making my first quilt (finally), I discovered the plethora of sewing feet available for sewing machines. It was a bit overwhelming with different shank styles (low, high, slant vs. snap-on) and then the various feet: quilting, walking, quarter-inch, blind hem, overcasting, open toe, darning, rolled hem, gathering, rolling; to name a few. Adding to the confusion is that there are different names for the same foot.

In fact, initially I wasn’t even sure if I’d bought the right foot. I wanted to be do all the things listed here on demystifying the edge stitch (or blind hem) foot and what it can do.

(image of foot to be updated later – camera not available)

I’m all about multi-purpose objects and if this foot can be used in place of multiple feet: stitch-in-a-ditch (maybe?) and quarter-inch foot, that would be fantastic. One thing that is missing is the lines along the feet to guide with corners or pivoting for quilting. Maybe I will try marking them later, as well as marking where the guide should be placed for 1/8″ and 1/4″. Another great thing is that it looks as though the guide can be set at the left of right. I’ll try the stitch-in-a-ditch at some point, although the guide might be too chunky.

I also had to purchase an adapter which allowed my low-shank screw foot to use a snap-on foot.

(image of foot with adapter on sewing machine to be updated later)

Another foot that was recommended in my readings is the walking foot, but it is an investment. And one I’m not ready to make yet, especially as I’m not sure that I’ll continue quilting. As the man at the sewing supply store told me, they’ve been making quilts for years before the walking foot came on the market back in the 70’s. So for now, I’ll try basting it very very well and sew it on a regular foot. I do need a quilting guide, so I may try to jerry-rig a quilting guide using the insert space on the adapter.


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