Activity Book, Page 3: Flower Garden

Bees are important to gardens. They help them to continue to grow and for flowers on certain plants to turn into fruits and vegetables. Weave the bee through the flowers collecting pollen before it finally flies back to its hive to make honey. What does the trail of the bee draw?

The inspirations and references for all the flowers are listed below with links to their sources. The hive contains hand embroidered details and a button upcycled from some old clothing.

Felt, sewing and embroidery thread, glue, cord, beads, metal rings, button (upcycled)

Number of cut pieces: 97
Colors used: (15) neon blue, green 1, green 2, green 3, apple green, neon green, white, yellow, light purple, purple, shocking pink, light pink, off white, goldenrod, black

Lacing maze from Imagine our Life:

Dahlia, adapted from Holidash:

Daisy, adapted from How Joyful:

Camelia from How Joyful:

Mini flowers, inspired from Life with Love Bugs:

Pom-Pom flower, inspired from Infarrantly Creative:


2 thoughts on “Activity Book, Page 3: Flower Garden

  1. You did a beautiful job on this page, I enjoyed seeing it and getting inspiration. I’ve been planning on making this quiet book page for a while now, I hope my page will be nice too. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks! It’s done with great love for my nephew. I’m glad that I can pass the torch as inspiration as so many others have done before me. I look forward to seeing your results. Happy crafting!

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