I just received my first order from Fabric.com. Normally, I purchase my fabric from a couple local fabric stores or Joann’s, but I finally found the right print fabric that I had been searching for some time and wasn’t available locally. It was easy meeting the $35 minimum to qualify for free shipping. However, it was more difficult to limit myself from purchasing more fabric.

From top to bottom: Sea Shanty Tonal Fish Blue, Essential Dotty Waves, True Blue Babbling Brook

From bottom left to right: Imperial Nassau Seersucker Blue (for another project), Christmas Pure & Simple Scrolls Marine (was a maybe for the water section of this quilt, but decided not to use it once I saw the color and pattern in person)

I had been on the hunt for the right fabric to represent “water” for a Settlers of Catan quilt that I’ve been planning and designing for my SIL. Water, nautical and ocean themed prints are popular, but it took me some time before I found the right print and color for what I wanted.

True Blue Babbling Brook designed by Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics

Since I was ordering this fabric online, I wasn’t sure which way the pattern was printed on the fabric and assumed that I would have to piece together fabric for the back side of the quilt (which didn’t end up being true). Sea Shanty Tonal Fish Blue is also for water section of the quilt as it was closer to the color for “water” that I was looking for – navy being a bit dark. Essential Dotty Waves was purchased to make bias tape for the edge of the quilt.



Timeless Treasures Beach Pass Sand: I had already gotten another fabric for the desert panel of the quilt, but found this one while looking through the site, and thought it would be a better print which more clearly represented “desert”.


Jackpot! I received a sweet surprise when I opened the first fold of one of the fabrics and found this:

It added about an additional 5-6 inches of extra fabric.


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