Sweet. Scissors. Solid.

I splurged today on a beautiful pair of embroidery scissors. All steel and they’re oh so pretty.

Bohin Scissors

While briefly in Richmond (VA), I wanted to check out a fabric store in the area and decided to stop by Quilting Adventures. I wasn’t planning on buying on anything. Really. I already have some fabric for a few projects¬†and shouldn’t start a fabric stash (too late?) in addition to my existing yarn stash. But, I saw this pair and couldn’t resist.

Actually, I did initially. Oh, I was so good. I walked away because I didn’t want to risk trying to get them through airport security in my carry-on luggage. But after looking at them again online, I caved, went back and purchased them later the same day. Flying back, I will deal with the minor hassle of checking them in to be safe.

Hey, it’s a good thing, right? I’m supporting a local fabric store.
In fact, if you’re a quilter and in the Richmond (VA) area, it’s an awesome shop and highly recommend that you stop by.

Normally, I use a pair of portable cutting scissors (for personal grooming) with an angled blade and cover from Muji, that I keep in a portable bag with basic knitting notions. I really liked it for its compact size and cover, making it extremely convenient.


However, the handles broke. So, I glued them back together. Then another part broke. Then another on the other side. And then again. So, I recently replaced them, but they are definitely not durable.

I hate generating waste and wanted something less disposable. Plus, I was looking into getting a pair of proper embroidery scissors. I never really thought too much about scissors, but had fairly recently seen this BBC video on the “the disappearing art of making scissors“, focusing on the last factory in Britain still making scissors by hand.

A quality tool can make all the difference. The initial cost will be worth it in the long run and can last a lifetime.


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