These are my adventures in cooking, baking, knitting and crafting as I try to live a sustainable simple frugal life in a Korean-American German household in the Boston area.

I am passionate about cooking as I am about eating.
I grew up eating Korean food so it’s my comfort food. However, I love food from all around the world; Asian food in particular. It can be a little tricky at times as I no longer eat any meat – the concept of being vegetarian can be so foreign. . .unless you’re a Buddhist monk. On my cooking to-do list is Indian, but I still need to invest in all the spices.

I’m new to bread baking (yeast based).
Having spent some time in Germany, I am addicted to flavorful bread full with seeds. Luckily being in an urban area, it’s not too difficult to find good bread, however it is still difficult to find good German bread and brötchen.
I also started baking cakes when the occasion (namely, a birthday) calls for one. And when I bake something sweet, I always reduce the amount of sugar.

Where my love for craft and food merge.
As a little girl, I loved to hear the click-clacking of my mother’s metal needles. I didn’t learn to knit until I taught myself as an adult. I prefer to knit accessories and toys, in particular knit food. Sometimes, I feel more of a frogger than a knitter because I tend to frog and reknit a piece many many many times. I also tend to improvise or adapt patterns.