Foraging in the Park

It’s apple picking season.
Rather than picking apples, the other day I helped a Vietnamese friend to forage some “cherries” in a local park in Watertown. She and her mother had already picked all the ones within their reach, but she wanted me to help her to pick the higher ones. And boy was there a bounty.

Foraged fruit

They are firmer than cherries. I can’t comment on their flavor because I haven’t tasted them yet.

It was fun and free. Once we were able to reach the branches full of cherries, we were able to go crazy harvesting them as quickly as we could. The ones we harvested would have just fallen and rotted on the ground and there were still so many cherries left. My friend Thien plans on pickling them.

Does anyone know what they are? If you do, please comment. Thanks.

Am I a Supertaster? Are you?

I came across this not-so-scientific test on determining whether or not you are a supertester.

There are several indicators that made it a possibility. . .
+ Fit into the demographics for a higher instances
+ Find lots of food way too sweet (but I think its because lots of foods in the States are too sweet. For example, lots of ethnic food adapted to American tastes become much sweeter.)
+ Cannot stand the taste of saacharin. Not sure that it tastes bitter. I just remember it having a strange artificial chemical taste.
+ Love salt!
+ Don’t drink coffee (also because of the caffeine).
+ When I ate meat, I really hated meat fat.

On the flip side, I love spicy foods and have a high spice tolerance and like bitter greens/foods. Continue reading