Birthday Cake Candle – A Knitting Pattern

I’m finally getting around to publishing this pattern which has been languishing in my draft box since the end of April. This candle was used to top this healthiest birthday cake.

This candle is the perfect topper for any fiber cake. This pattern is knit in the round with a slight swirl texture detail which wraps around the candle.

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The Healthiest Cake

I was on the hunt for the healthiest cake to make for the birthday of a friend. An erstwhile ballet dancer and occasional personal trainer, she lives a particularly healthy lifestyle so I wanted to make her a cake she could fully enjoy.

Many cakes make healthier substitutions for some ingredients (i.e. beets in red velvet cake), but the basic base ingredients of flour, sugar, butter remain consistent. I even found recipes that replaced flour with beans, but then substituted the sugar for artificial sweeteners – ugh, no thank you – and it still used butter.

By it’s nature, cake is just not a healthy dish. Yes, it can be made healthier. . .but with what sacrifices? The healthiest cake is one you can’t eat.

Therefore, I designed her this mini birthday cake with a candle that can’t be blown out. Personally, I’d rather have cake in its complete glory of flour, butter and sugar and then deal the consequences. . .exercise or get fat.

Quick Knit: Shrimp, anyone?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right pink colored yarn, otherwise this would have made the perfect shrimp cocktail. Instead, I used some scrap grey yarn to make some raw shrimp with the tail on.

Yes, my obsession with food is not just limited to cooking and eating. There is a small pleasure in knitting food and making food out of felt. This was made for the Ami Along Ravelry Group, March 2012 Knit-a-long. The end of the month is quickly approaching and it was a quick little stashbusting knit.