Activity Book, Page 1: Camping Fun

This is the first page of an activity book that I’ve been planning and designing for my nephew. The components for this page was done weeks ago, but I only finally finished putting them all together and securing them onto the page. It is the first page that I’ve completed for the activity book.
Activity Book: Camping Fun

My brother loves camping and was looking forward to bringing my nephew camping even before he was born.

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Letters of Love Samples and Stamps

Fabric letters of love

Mock-ups for components of an activity book page. The left is on felt and the right is upcycled from an old bedsheet.

The thread tension is on the right is too tight and needs to be adjusted. The felt is too thick for my purposes so the ones for the activity book will be in the cotton fabric.

Tiny Felt Stamps
Tiny Felt Stamps
These are tiny felt stamps for the letters’ envelopes. The dimensions are 3/4″ x 5/8″.

(These were created about a week ago.)